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Here is the collection of all the Unforgivable videos. These videos are funny enough that my friends and I quote this all the time. I figured I would post them for you in case you weren’t addicted to the internet in 2006, when this first came out, like I am.

Unforgivable #1

I went to Levine’s yesterday to get some pants for me and my niggas. I was gonna steal them; I ain’t have no money. Met a girl there, trying on some skirts. I was like “What that smell like?” She was like “uh…” She didn’t know what to say! I was like “Bitch, don’t make me ask you again!” Anyway, got her number. The next day we went to Chicken-fil-A, some place in the mall. When I got there I was like “Bitch who are all these people out here.” She said, “Well it’s the mall!” I was like “Whatever bitch, gimme a chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries.” I was like “Bitch.” She said “What you gonna have to eat?” I was like “Go up there and just get me a chicken sandwhich with some waffle fries, maybe a Coke to drink or something.” She said “What you gonna get?” I was like “Bitch, go up to the counter, tell that nigga I want a chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries for free!” She said, “Okay.” Then she looked back and asked me what I wanted to drink. I was like “Give me a Dr. Pepper, bitch!” We got the food, she brought it to me, snatched it from her real fast. She sat down, I told her “Bitch, who told you to sit down?! You better wait for my request.” I said, “Go ahead and sit down, cunt.” She sat down and we ate. Later on in the evening took her to Silver Ball play some video games or something. She died she wasn’t having a good time. I said, “Bitch, you ain’t no nerd! I could have sworn you were.” She said “I like to go shopping.” I was like “Bitch, not on this day cause I ain’t got no money and you don’t give me the money you got.” She gave me her purse. Took the wallet out, saw some credit cards and some pictures of some other niggas. I was like “Who are these niggas?” She said “That’s my brother Ti-” I said “Hold on bitch, you better not have no brother cause if you do I’m a-” I said “Bitch, who is this nigga in this picture?” She said “That’s Tommy; that’s my little brother.” I said “Bitch you better not have no little brother. I ain’t trying to deal with no other niggas.” She said, “Well I have two.” I said “Bitch, that’s a mistake.” Took her to the bathroom of Silver Ball, got through playing. I said “Listen, cunt: Today ain’t yo day!” She said “What did I do?” I said “Bitch, you got some siblings and I don’t like it!” She tried to make up for it, sucking my dick a little bit. I was like “Bitch, that feel good but it ain’t enough!” She take it to the new level, started jacking me off while she was sucking my thing. I got a nut. Yeah, I got a nut, so?! Got done with getting my dick wet told her that I wanted some pussy now. She was like “Wait, I just sucked your dick and you just nutted!” I was like “If you sass me one more time, bitch I’ll kill you and your little brothers.” She said “Okay.” I got the pussy from her and I know I nutted cause I didn’t use a condom. Nutted in her pussy and got her pregnant! Unforgivable…

Unforgivable #2

I’ve been with this girl, my main bitch for at least three months and she’s starting to get on my nerves! Anyway, the other day she told me her parents were going out of town or something, some vacation bull. I was like “Whatever.” Then I was like “Can I spend the night tonight and for two weeks straight?” She said, she said “Yeah, I mean you’re my boyfriend, aren’t you?” I said “I guess, bitch.” Anyway, I got there around seven o’clock, pissing me off. Anyway, some of her girlfriends was over there making popcorn and watching movies. I went “What you all watching, hoes?” They said “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” I was like “Get that fool off the TV, I brought a couple of DVDs over.” She said “What’d you bring?” “Doctor Zhivago, A Brief Encounter, and A Bridge Over The River Kwai; A lean night.” Anyway, it was about that time to hit the sack and get some pussy. I walked up to the bedroom she was already laid there bucked naked like I told her she should have been. Went out onto the porch smoked a bag of meth then I smoked a little crack after that. Got in, she said “You smell funny.” I was like “Bitch, that’s just my B.O. Yeah, if you don’t like it I’ll kill your ass.” She said “Okay let’s keep it going.” I hit that ass all night then nutted on her s- belly. Anyway, got hungry in the middle of the night, fixed me a sandwich or something. I went down there, girls were still awake, watching TV. I was like “What you all watching again, hoes?” They was like “We’re watching Date Movie.” I was like “Bitch, turn that off right now!” She said “Oh okay” and turned off real quick. I went to the kitchen made my sandwich with mayonnaise on it. Grr! Went back upstairs, ate my sandwich in front of that bitch’s face. She said “You didn’t make me nothing?” I said “Of course not, bitch! I ain’t your man.” She said “Will you go downstairs and make me something?” I was like “Bitch, no!” Took my gun out and busted her head open with the butt of it. She was trying to piss me off. She was bleeding on the sheets. She had some satin covers or some bull. I was like “When your parents get back, cunt?” She said “Two or three weeks.” I said “Good, I wanna meet ’em. Whenever I do I’m gonna make them make me sandwiches all night.” Anyway, got done and I went to bed! Made her sleep on the couch downstairs. My bed. Left the next day without saying a word to anyone and I left a bag of sass in the mailbox for her parents to find and get her into a little trouble. Unforgivable…

Unforgivable #3

What’s the deal? It’s your boy out here in these woods. Man, I spent the night out here with some of my niggas, man. You know, with Bovice involved. My nigga Van. Anyway, we camped out here, you know what I’m saying? Bovice brought his little sister, little cunt I know she is. Anyway, Bovice left to get some hot dogs or something. Left us here. It was me, Van, and that cunt sister of his. In the tent that nigga Van was asleep. I said “Hey Nikki.” She said “Hi.” Was kind of nervous sounding, made me pissed off. I said, I said “Are you a virgin still?” She said “Yeah, I’m only fourteen.” I said “I don’t care.” I said “You won’t be no virgin after tonight.” She got on her cell phone tried to call Bovice. I took the cell phone out of her hand and slapped that bitch in the mouth. Knocked her braces out of her mouth. She got mad, got scared, crying. I said “Bitch, give the other ear and I’ll slit your throat from ear to ear.” She said “It’s not that serious.” Van woke up then. I said, “Go back to sleep nigga if you know what’s good for you.” Nigga dozed off real quick. Took out my hand cuffs, cuffed her to the tent. “Listen bitch, it’s time for you to lose that V-card, hand it over.” She said “I don’t want-” I said “Bitch, my hand – Your face or my gun in your mouth!” I got what I wanted, got my nut and left Van in the tent by himself. Told that bitch that she didn’t tell Bovice that Van did it I was gonna kill her ass. Now you tell me nigga, out here in these woods, is that Unforgivable?

Unforgivable #4

Not too long ago I was at a Christmas party with my bitch. We was having fun eating Christmas cake and whatnot. Saw another cunt I wanted to spit to. Walked over to her and said “What’s up, ya cunt?! What you trying to do?” She said “Excuse me?” I said “Bitch, excuse me! I’m looking for some pussy and some cunt and some butt hole.” She said “Well, I have a boyfriend.” I said “Bitch, no one asked that!” She kind of got a little scared, a little frustrated. I said “I’ll snap your neck like a twig right now bitch, if you sass me again!” Her boyfriend – her man, walked up to the table. I’m like “Nigga, what’s the deal?” He said. He had a Letterman Jacket on, he was from highschool, pissing me off. I said “Nigga what sport you play, you little pansy?” He said “I’m a football player.” I said “I don’t care!” Took him by his wrist, cut him; cut his wrist, vertically. Then I said “What now, hoe?” Oh he was on the floor dying, making a scene. That nigga daddy came over and said “What happened?” I said “Nigga, I slit his wrist.” Took his Letterman from him, put it on, left without paying! That bitch walked to me after I got out. She was like “What’s the problem?” I was like “I’m about to call Bovice. We’re about to run a train on you bitch!” She said “ugh…” Started crying a little bit. I slapped that bitch so fast because I was tired of hearing that. She left. My nigga Bovice came, I was like “Let’s go smoke some weed.” He said “I don’t really got no-” I said “Nigga, you better get me high!” Of course, he abided. I’m turning on my own niggas! I’m pissed off a little bit! Now you tell me nigga, is that whole thing Unforgivable?

Unforgivable #5
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLb4g1PJVBU click here for this one since embedding is disabled.

Unforgivable #6

Unforgivable #7

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