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The Room Will Kill You

If you don’t know Tommy Wiseau’s The Room then you might probably consider yourself to be a very fortunate person. This is the king of 21st century cheese films. Think along the lines of Troll 2, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Lady Terminator, Shark Attack 3: Megadolon, and if you say “oh man, all those movies are quality” then this is the film for you.

What better way to summarize the movie than to see the highlights of the Rifftrax version of it?

The movie is legendary in the bad or funny sense for people who are hardcore film buffs. It’s also fairly popular online with the meme and troll community.

There’s much love there. Check out the Tommy Wiseau – The Room (Cheep Cheep Remix):

And remember, not only are you laughing but Tommy Wiseau’s laughing back at you for watching his movie!

Tommy Wiseau The Room laughing


Tommy Wiseau The Room motherfucker

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