Texas Instruments Bill Cosby

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Texas Instruments Bill Cosby

What could be better than Dr. Bill Cosby talking about Texas Instruments computers? I remember my own TI-99 that was given to me by my uncle. Most of the cartridges were educational including one that yelled “YOUR TURN” after it presented the problem to you.

TI-99 computer

The TI-99 was released in June of 1981 it cost around five hundred bucks and that was without a monitor. The CPU was the TI TMS9900, 3MHz. The display was a Video via an RF modulator 32 characters by 24 lines text and 192 X 256, 16 color graphics. The ROM cartridge was located on the front it and had Audio/Video ports and a joystick input (we used the Atari joystick). The OS was ROM Basic.

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My favorite game had to be Munchman which was a Pac-Man like game that we fun to play and had some cool sound effects especially when you eat the bad guys.

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  • Ahh, how lovely. The TI was my first ever computer and its version of Invaders still unsurpassed.

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