An Optical Delight: No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses

No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses

In the world of competitive and casual gaming. Players will tend to go full out and search for any type of advantage. From high end machines to flashy accessories. Well I am here to tell you that you don’t have to break the bank to also take care of yourself.

No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses

Today I will be reviewing the first of many new reviews to the sight as I take on the No Scope Demon Series Gaming Glasses and put there claims to the test. I’ve “scoped” out other glasses that make similar claims and have seen there prices go in upwards of $85 dollars an even higher then that!! Well I am here to say you don’t have to break your savings to get not only a quality product but also a hidden gem that I believe will help you in the long run with those heavy gaming sessions! So sit back relax and take a read as I give you the information on these optical enhancements!


Price point at $19.99 these glasses rival the ever popular Gunnar Glasses in desired results while not breaking the piggy bank. The lens quality is superb while lending its self to lessening eye strain during long gaming sessions.

High quality frame work while still being lightweight. During long sessions my normal glasses tend to move and bother me as they slide down some. Wearing my contacts and using the No Scopes allows me to not worry about any type of movement on the glasses as these seam to hold and fit very nicely on my nose.

Accessories like microfiber cloth and caring case are also included and much appreciated by users like myself.


Do they come in white? lol


For the price and quality of the overall product I believe you will not run into a better option then No Scopes Demon Series Gaming Glasses. These glasses are equal to anything on the market at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to enjoy long gaming hours these are very beneficial and will reduce eye strain and also help you transition from long gaming sessions to sleeping hours as they reduce the blue light effect from monitors that may cause insomnia. These will forever be in my arsenal of weapons to take on the competition. Head over to NoScope’s website and enter code jhernandezog so they know I sent you.

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Final Verdict: 5/5 Obsolete Gamer Certified

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