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Commercial Wars: The Celebrity Women of the Nintendo DS

So which Nicole should I be thinking of when watching this, the Eyes wide Shut Nicole, The Others Nicole or maybe Cat-woman Nicole? Poor Nicole may not be able to score high in Brain Training, but she knows how to hire a decorator that loves white, Martha Stewart maybe?

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Bob-ombs: The Real Threat to America’s Safety?

Cute and cuddly. That’s what many think of when they see a Bob-omb. They don’t see the sin that drives them, the motives that turn the gears in their little mechanical bodies. Are we going to allow these “people” into our country? Are we going to allow America to swept away by these monsters?

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CDW Nintendo Frogger Returns & Kirby Super Star

This week Nintendo gives its classic gaming fans two cool games to sink their teeth into. For the DSi there is Frogger Returns which takes the arcade classic and adds in new graphics and challenges. For the Virtual console comes the SNES hit Kirby Super Star where you take everyone’s favorite pink puffy hero on an adventure to stop the awful King Dedede.

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