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This is a new feature to Obsolete Gamer to bring you information on classic gaming downloads for your favorite consoles from 360 to the PS3 to the Wii. Today you can download a couple of cool games for the Wii and the Nintendo DSi.

First up for the Wii Virtual Console, Mega Man 4 which was released in 1992, it plays mainly like the previous Mega Man games except it added the charge blast to your weaponry and there are tools to obtain in order to reach specific areas on some stages. You can purchase MM4 for 500 Wii points.

For the Nintendo DSi you can now download Donkey Kong Jr. In this arcade classic Donkey Kong’s son has to rescue dear old dad by swinging his way past crows and alligators to reach Mario’s cage. You can purchase Donkey Kong Jr. for 200 DSi points.

As more classic games are available for download we will bring information on them here.

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