SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Keyboard

Hey internets! This is Liz Poisonkiss, altruistic gaming hedonist extraordinaire!

Once again, I got my hands on a great product that I just have to talk about. The SteelSeries Apex [RAW] keyboard is an overall win in my book. Oh, let me count the ways!


First off, I must clarify something so that this review gains some perspective. I use my keyboard a LOT. I wear down most keyboards really quick.  I’m constantly writing papers for my graduate program, composing emails, and doing some pretty intense PC gaming. So I was glad to get my hands on the Apex [RAW] keyboard.

This keyboard’s a little bigger than my other one because it extends down to form a  hand rest at the bottom. I’ll admit to preferring a smaller keyboard to conserve space but what it lacks in compactness it makes up for in performance. It’s low key profile and responsive keys don’t miss a beat as my fingers fly across the keyboard. The anti-ghosting modifications don’t let my game slow down when every second counts. Also, don’t you just hate it when you’re gaming full screen and in the middle of a heated battle and suddenly the game minimizes and your start menu pops up? Yup, you’ve hit the Windows key. But never fear, this keyboard gives you the ability to disable the Windows key and avoid all that mess!


Not to mention all the freaking macro keys! There are 17 macro keys with two levels at your fingertips that give you the ability to instantly access 34 macros all customizable via the SteelSeries Engine. That’s a refreshing time saver!

Oh, another deceptively simple but nifty feature that the Apex [RAW] keyboard has is drainage holes. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been writing late at night while enjoying a steaming mug of brain go-go juice (coffee) to have it spill all over my keyboard. At that point my work is abruptly interrupted as I run with my keyboard to the sink and say a silent prayer to the computer gods that my keyboard will not be a completely sticky unusable mess. At least I know that with this keyboard I stand a chance.


Compared to its big brother (SteelSeries Apex) the Apex [RAW] gives you the essentials you need for a fraction of the price. For only $69.99 you get top notch long lasting performance on a budget (some of us have to pay tuition).

One more thing, I’m writing this review on my Apex [RAW] keyboard and I completed one semester (4 months) of work, emails, gaming, and it survived two coffee/drink spills. That’s why this keyboard wins.


Tech specs:

Connection: Wired USB

Cable: 6ft rubber coated

Build: Plastic

Key switch: Rubber membrane

Backlighting: 8 brightness levels of white light

Gaming: 17 dual layer marco keys, extra arrow keys, Capable of disabling Windows key.

USB pass-through: No

Audio pass-through: No

Goodies: Low-profile keys, Anti-Ghosting technology, Media controls, Drainage holes for spills.

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