Quick Shot Controller for Sega Genesis Review

Quick Shot Controller

For a while I was having a little trouble with Sega Genesis controllers. For instance some times while playing an adventure game I would press the down button to make the character duck down, but instead because of the D-pad the character would only move left or right, rarely ducking. The character would only duck if I was pressing the down direction exactly in the exact middle of the D-pad. It was very very sensitive.

So! I received a Quick Shot controller in the mail and gave it a try. I was skeptic at first but I gotta say, all my problems disappeared! The Quick Shot control pad is so awesome! Super accurate and great control. It feels spot on and I’m so glad I found it. The cord is nice too because it’s not so damn thick, easy to roll up.

If you’re also having issues with your Genesis D-pad, try the Quick Shot controller out. They can be found relatively cheap on ebay or amazon.

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David William

Born in 1986, David William Heinbokel grew up with a NES controller in his hand. It all started there and his love for gaming grew more through out the years first with the NES, then later on receiving a SNES for Christmas. David and his brother Derek have been gamers from the beginning and don't see an end in sight. Besides retro game consoles David is also addicted to arcades and pinball machines and garage sales. He started www.brainerdrainer.wordpress.com in 2012 to share the love for retro gaming/pinball/toys and now contributes to brainer drainer and obsolete gamer.

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