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Star Castle

Star Castle

I gave this game a whirl on a request from our Facebook Fan page and I must say, this game looked easier than it was. Star Castle is a vector arcade game and was made in 1980 by publisher and developer Cinematronics. The main objective is to take out the enemy cannon, which is surrounded by a defense shield. Your ship can move and rotate 360 degrees and fire a series of shots at the shields weakening and eventually destroying them. However, there are mines that fly off from the shield, which you must avoid. Once you take out enough of the enemies shields, the cannon itself begins firing at you.


Now you would think since you can fly anywhere, even off of the screen, it would be easy, but it’s not. First, I had a handicap which was the sound did not work. Second, and this is normal gameplay mechanics, the thrusters take a bit to get used to and you cannot just stop and turn on a dime so the result is you end up coasting into mines or not moving out of the way of the cannon fire fast enough.

Now, something to keep in mind, which I did not know, your goal is not to destroy the entire outer shield because if you do it will regenerate. This makes the game harder because you want to hit the same spots and make a small window in the shield to take out the cannon. As you can see in the video, I was not very good at this.

Overall, this game is pretty fun and like all classic games of this type if you do take out the cannon you start all over, but with more mines and faster shots from the cannon, but definitely a fun game and a great time waster.

Thanks to Mike Taylor for suggesting this game to try.

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