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Scambaiter – OMG they killed Kenny!

Susan Linda aka beautylove2g5 is another one of my yahoo friends from Accra , Ghana. . She has been boring me for a while, when she caught me this time I was in the mood to talk about one of my favorite TV shows South Park, but I don’t think she is a fan….

[20:03] beautylove2g5: hi glen
[20:03] beautylove2g5: how are you doing over there
[20:03] c64glen: I am good
[20:03] beautylove2g5: is been quite long since i chart with you glen
[20:03] c64glen: but I have some bad news
[20:04] beautylove2g5: what is the bad news glen
[20:04] beautylove2g5: can you please share it with me
[20:04] c64glen: Well, I can assure you that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Japanese Mafia.
[20:05] beautylove2g5: i dont understand what you mean glen
[20:05] c64glen: They killed Kenny
[20:05] c64glen: He had sins that he didn’t confess!

[20:05] beautylove2g5: am really really very sorry to hear this, who killed him glen
[20:08] c64glen: North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)
[20:08] beautylove2g5: am sorry, please can you accept my sympathy glen
[20:09] c64glen: In the end, all of the NAMBLA people were arrested, and despite their leader’s impassioned speech about rights to all people, they were all taken away
[20:10] c64glen: Kenny was run over by the ambulance taking his father to the hospital

[20:10] beautylove2g5: his is living with you in london glen or he is in the state glen
[20:11] c64glen: He leave down the street from me.
[20:11] beautylove2g5: does he own his house
[20:12] c64glen: He lived with his parents. He was poor
[20:12] beautylove2g5: ok glen, am sorry. i wish am with you to know more about him glen
[20:13] c64glen: His parents were trying for another baby. Kenny didn’t like the idea, so threw a ball at his dad’s testes while playing catch.
[20:13] beautylove2g5: ohh that is bad glen
[20:13] c64glen: He sliped abortion pills in his mom’s vodka, but his dad accidentally drank it instead and got heavy diarrhea.
[20:14] beautylove2g5: didnt he want to have another brother
[20:14] c64glen: That is why his dad was in the ambulance
[20:14] beautylove2g5: why did he have to do that glen, he want to abort his mothers pregnant glen
[20:16] c64glen: After seeing a commercial for an amusement park ride, informing that pregnant women should not ride, he went with his parents where Kenny’s dad nose is broken.
[20:16] c64glen: Finally, tired of his failed attempts, Kenny chased his mom through the town with a plunger.
[20:16] c64glen: I think he was very sick. It is very sad

[20:17] beautylove2g5: he shouldnt have to do that at all glen, he dont want the good thing for his parent glen
[20:18] c64glen: I think he want to use her unborn child for stem cell research.
[20:18] beautylove2g5: is he a scientist man?
[20:20] c64glen: He was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy,
[20:20] beautylove2g5: ok glen
[20:21] c64glen: He learned that they might be used to help him and gave a speech to the House of Representatives on behalf of stem cell research. He succeeded in getting the ban lifted by singing Heat of the Moment by Asia and he visited abortion clinics around the area to collect more aborted fetuses.
[20:21] beautylove2g5: ohh ic glen
[20:23] c64glen: He slowly began to sing “Heat of the Moment” by Asia in a slow, sorrowful tone while choking back tears. Soon after he finished the second line in the song, Congress begins to join in one by one until everyone is singing the song up until the end of the first chorus.
[20:26] beautylove2g5: am sorry glen
[20:27] c64glen: I cannot speak anymore, I must go. I am too sad

They killed Kenny, and she never said “You Bastards”, oh well, maybe next time.

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