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Scambaiter – my father is late pa timson adedokun

Bimpe was another scammer who found me through tagworld. Her profile shows she was justing looking for someone to ‘rake care’ of her, she must of thought I could do it because I was soon getting messages on MSN from, here is our first conversion.

Bimpe: Hello
GLeN: hija
bimpe: How u doing
GLeN: I am good, and you?
bimpe: am cool, i have a plan for u
GLeN: ok, what is it
bimpe: Coming to meet u in state….
GLeN: in what state?
bimpe: your state as i dont know
GLeN: ok right, so what about it
bimpe: did u want me to come?
GLeN: I do not know you, yet. Tell me about you first
bimpe: my name is bimpe and 29 yesra old my father is late pa timson adedokun am light and a little bit tall…average build,Very romantic, Heart on shirtsleeve, i do Read, listen to music, or watch a movie…. and how about u?
GLeN: I am gent, I am 30 of age of years, I have family of gone. I also like things movie, books, animals
bimpe: ok …so what u want to know ?
GLeN: Do you play the trumpet or the pink oboe?
bimpe: no i play piano
GLeN: oh, coool. you are penist!
bimpe: yes
GLeN: are you religious, Or do you bash the bishop?
bimpe: am a christain
GLeN: good good, I am too
bimpe: ok
GLeN: so do you like food, do you put meat in your mouth?
bimpe: yes, i like potato chips, fried rice and salad with mountain dew
GLeN: you like meat in your mouth?
bimpe: yes
GLeN: I do not put meat in my mouth
bimpe: why?
GLeN: I do not like the taste
bimpe: alright but is look sweetest
GLeN: so what do you do for fun?
bimpe: entertainment and playing games
GLeN: what games?
bimpe: play station2
GLeN: i have some fun games, Doing the five-knuckle shuffle, Cleaning the pipes, Crank yanking, Erupting Ol’ Faithful
bimpe: ok
GLeN: Fondling the fig and Hand Shandy these are good games. I would like to play them with you
bimpe: No soccer and romeo
GLeN: I like soccer and Having one off the wrist
bimpe: yes
GLeN: but sometimes afterwoods I have to Massage Mr. Ho-Ho
bimpe: what did u mean?
GLeN: if I get injury
bimpe: ok

Ok now we know each other, Bimpe decide it’s time to see how much money she can get out of me.

bimpe says: okay…i need a little help beby
GLeN says: whats the problem
bimpe says: my flight paper is not complte
GLeN says: what do you need
bimpe says: i need some money
GLeN says: oh noes! you need money?
bimpe says: yes
GLeN says: oh noes! what can you do?
bimpe says: i dont have much with me baby can u help me out
GLeN says: what can I do?
bimpe says: can u help me with the money
GLeN says: what can I do?
bimpe says: send me
GLeN says: how?
bimpe says: thru western uniuon
GLeN says: I can’t use wetern onion from my bank
bimpe says: why, what u wanna use?
GLeN says: my bank is called the bank of Dirtbox and they don’t like the onion
bimpe says: so what u wanna use? and how will i get the money
GLeN says: Dirtbox transfer to mouth, out of the stink into the pink
bimpe says: when will u send it and how much did u wa t to send me
GLeN says: how much do you need, because I need some money to buy a elephant.
bimpe says: ok 700$
GLeN says: 700 dollars?!??!?! But I need an elephant.
bimpe says: or 400$
GLeN says: keep going
bimpe says: How much did u have
GLeN says: after the elephant money. about 1637 Tunisia Dinars
bimpe says: so u can’t send me any money then
GLeN says: I can come and get you soon. After I get the elephant
bimpe says: i dont love u
GLeN says: waaa?
bimpe says: BYE

Curses bimpe now longer loves me anymore. I’ll have to wait for the next one.

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