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Scambaiter – Butterbabys Bullshit

ButterbabyI am happy to present to you another chat log with a scammer. Our victim this week, Butterbaby pretended to be a female American Car dealer but was really a fat Nigerian bloke called ‘Prince’ Joe Eboh who is a known 419 scammer. We pick up the log after I have agreed to transfer some money to the scammer so they can conclude a business deal then Fly to england to marry me and live happy every after. Here is the small talk…

[00:19] butterbaby_p900: how many kids do you want me to give you ???
[00:19] c64glen: 15
[00:19] butterbaby_p900: hahaha
[00:19] butterbaby_p900: too much

[00:19] c64glen: why?
[00:19] butterbaby_p900: baby be serious

[00:20] c64glen: when you come to England, I keep you in the bedroom
[00:20] butterbaby_p900: k
[00:20] butterbaby_p900: how many bedroom do you have ?

[00:20] c64glen: 1
[00:20] c64glen: but it is also my bathroom
[00:21] butterbaby_p900: ok

[00:21] c64glen: and toilet
[00:21] butterbaby_p900: ok fine

[00:21] c64glen: when I say toilet, I mean bucket
[00:21] butterbaby_p900: what kind of car you drive ?

[00:21] c64glen: Blue Capri
[00:22] butterbaby_p900: k
[00:22] butterbaby_p900: i drive 4×4 jeep

[00:22] c64glen: cool.
[00:22] butterbaby_p900: i will bring it along when i come over

[00:22] c64glen: how you do that?
[00:23] butterbaby_p900: we gonna use to go to many places that will never been b/4
[00:23] butterbaby_p900: when i come where will you take me to ???

[00:23] c64glen: I would like to take you to…
[00:23] c64glen: Whitley Bay!
[00:24] c64glen: and Shotton
[00:24] butterbaby_p900: what are they doing there ?

[00:25] c64glen: It’s a party capital, lots of swingers there
[00:26] butterbaby_p900: cool
[00:26] butterbaby_p900: what about beach ?

[00:26] c64glen: Whitley Bay has big clean beach, except for the johnies
[00:27] butterbaby_p900: ok cool love that my sweetheart
[00:27] butterbaby_p900: @};-
[00:28] butterbaby_p900: so when i come over when do you want us to wed so that we can be living together as husband and wife ???

[00:28] c64glen: yes, I would like a new wife!
[00:29] butterbaby_p900: ok baby

[00:29] c64glen: The last two where rubbish
[00:30] butterbaby_p900: when i come over will you go and see your parents in ireland ???

[00:30] c64glen: If you would like to
[00:31] butterbaby_p900: i will like to
[00:31] butterbaby_p900: i need to know you mum and dad and younger ones

[00:32] c64glen: ok, altought we stay away from my brothers
[00:32] butterbaby_p900: why ??

[00:32] c64glen: because they keep raping my wifes
[00:33] c64glen: I tell them not too, but the love the rape
[00:33] butterbaby_p900: oh that is bullshit baby

[00:33] c64glen: yes, I tell them this
[00:33] butterbaby_p900: so they will rape me too when i go to them ?

[00:34] c64glen: they do also like the bull, the police have told them to stop
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: ok
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: we wont go to them ok
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: we will be living all alone okay

[00:34] c64glen: ok.
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: you and i ok

[00:35] c64glen: yes
[00:35] c64glen: we can make my movies
[00:35] butterbaby_p900: ok love
[00:36] butterbaby_p900: so when i come over what will you prepare for me to eat
[00:36] butterbaby_p900: ?

[00:36] c64glen: Me perpare food?
[00:36] c64glen: No I don’t do that, not since wife #1
[00:36] butterbaby_p900: yes if come i will be preparing the food for you

[00:37] c64glen: good, good. I don’t want to have to pay for another funeral
[00:37] butterbaby_p900: but for the first time i will come to your house you will prepare something for me

[00:38] c64glen: I will get you good english food, a Parmo
[00:38] butterbaby_p900: cool baby
[00:39] butterbaby_p900: so when i come over you will help me to open the website

[00:39] c64glen: yes, do you have a name for this website?
[00:39] butterbaby_p900: and i will start that business i told you about
[00:40] butterbaby_p900: we gonna be rich okay

[00:40] c64glen: I was thinking of JizzCars?
[00:40] c64glen: or SpunkMobiles?
[00:40] c64glen: Perhaps Wankexpress?
[00:41] butterbaby_p900: you mean i should mean use any of this name to open my business ?

[00:41] c64glen: yes, you need a name
[00:41] butterbaby_p900: yes
[00:42] butterbaby_p900: i will get a name when i come over to you ok

[00:42] c64glen: yes, I would like to help with the business
[00:42] butterbaby_p900: yes

[00:42] c64glen: This one will not have to be set on fire
[00:43] butterbaby_p900: i know baby
[00:43] butterbaby_p900: you will be my husband and the same time you will be my business partner okay

[00:43] c64glen: Yes, but not your uncle like wife #3
[00:44] butterbaby_p900: what ??

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