Rumble at the Bugle

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Marvel vs Capcom 3

In the Daily Vid we see Team Storm with fellow team members Ryu and Spider-Man versus Team Magneto with team members Viper and Chun Li. The fight goes down in front of the famous Daily Bugle building and in the background we can see a parade in full swing including a gigantic Spider-Man float.

Storm starts out strong hitting Magneto with some powerful combo’s which is strange for me to see considering when I played her in X-Men versus Street Fighter she was pretty weak. After laying down a multi combo, Storm steps up for her Ice Storm special which looked a little bit better than the previous version, but honestly looks no different than Iceman’s Ice Storm from X-Men Children of the Atom.

After showcasing her special Magneto comes back with an air combo of his own leading in to Viper flying in adding to the air combo and for good measure Chun Li joins in the action for a total of 21 hits on the poor weather witch.

Storm, feeling the heat steps out of battle, but not before trying a final Ice Storm on Chun Li that is blocked. Ryu jumps in and pulls off his super Hadouken, but once again Chun Li’s advance guard protects her. Viper comes in to go toe to toe against Ryu and after a few blocks by both opponents Viper kicks in an 18 hit combo taking Ryu below half health. Ryu gets a few hits in, but another air combo puts him down for the count.

Viper steps out and Magneto returns just in time to get a combo smack followed up by an Ice Storm finisher by Storm to even back the odds. Spider-Man, wearing his black suit comes in for team Storm against Viper but he should have stayed out because she jacks him up proper with a series of combos leading to a 26 hit special leaving Spider-Man’s health in the danger zone. Spider-Man gets in a few hits and attempts his Maximum Spider but it is blocked and a few hits later Viper gets the K.O.

Storm returns with a vengeance against Chun Li unleashing a devastating air combo followed up by her secondary special, Lighting Storm taking Chun Li’s heath into the danger zone. After a few more whirl winds Chun Li is seeing stars and it’s down to Viper with half her health.

The two ladies go mono e mono trading shots but Storm won’t be denied. With a quick combo Storm fires off her third and final finisher calling on the power of the wind to drop Viper with the hyper combo finish. Carrying her team on her back Storm gets the win.

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  • I should get my friend Ramiro to play so you can record his cheapness!

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