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Question of the Week : What do you collect? And why?

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is What do you collect? And why?


receipts from our lasses spending spree’s


French singers….ongoing project with intentions of dragging French music away from inexplicable addiction to Johnny Hallyday!


I collect computer bits, whenever there’s a useful part hanging around spare I’ll pick it up and keep hold. I’ve now got a mighty collection and always have something useful if someone needs a computer fixing or repairing.


Magnets. Lots of magnets…. If I come to visit make sure you don;t have any harddisks lying about, because I’ll break it open and nick the magnet inside…

When I have enough magnets I’m going to glue them all together and then point the thing at Mars… Mars is made of rusty metal and will come closer to the earth. The money saved on the space programme (Richard Bransons) could then adequately pay for wider seats in his sodding trains – and possibly repair all the faulty earphone sockets as well….

But serioulsy… I collect magents out of harddisks…. they’re quite dangerous (pliers and work gloves required when messing with them)….


I think everyone knows what I colllected, however for those you do not, I will leave a little clue below;

More here


Me To You Bears

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2 thoughts on “Question of the Week : What do you collect? And why?

  • the person who collects action toys is a werido no offensie. how old r there/u

  • The majority of them were bought for my son, so no offensie taken.

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