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Question of the Week : Choose a new Name, identity and lifestyle for yourself.

Every week the ObscureInternet Forum ponders a Question of the Week, this week it is Choose a new Name, identity and lifestyle for yourself.

Hi, My Name is Pablo El Humero, I am a proffesional Mexican Wrestler, my finishing move is the “El Diablo ” which involves strangling the opponant with his spine.
I live on a luxery aircraft carrier off the Porta Rica coast with my wife and her twin sister.
The twins dabbled in porn but gave it up to concentrate on their cooking and gymnastics.
I recently discovered a revolutionary new way of managing large stock portfolios that guaranteed 40-50% return that has made me the 3rd wealthiest man in the world.
I use this income to pay for schools that teach the “El Diablo” to poor children.


My Name is Glen.

I am awful but tell everyone I am awesome.

I have large balls and my family hate me.


Hi my name is Jenny McCarthy, i am a porn star/model/celeb. I love touching myself and feeling my breasts. Recently I felt that lesbianism was the way forward and refused to touch a penis again.


Hi, my name is Earl, ive pretty much done bad things all my life. Recently ive discovered karma, and am now trying to undo all the bad things in my life in hilarious 25min weekly segments.

i also like pie.


You stole my ideas, I was going to post the exact same thing when I got home from work.

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