Parappa the Rapper


Parappa the Rapper

This time around Parappa the Rapper made the list and why shouldn’t it? It’s an amazing game and very revolutionary for its time. Before the Guitar Hero trend came to place there were very few music genre games out there. There were Parappa the Rapper, Umjammer Lammy, and MTV Music Generator although those two games last mentioned games came out later in the Playstation’s lifetime. Nevertheless, there were very few games using music as the main part of the game. Anyways, Parappa the Rapper made its debut in 1997 which was a really great year for the Playstation with such releases as Breath of Fire 3, Final Fantasy 7, Crash Bandicoot 2, and even Tomb Raider 2. It was pretty much the year of sequels for many franchises so the gaming library was filled with great titles. We also cannot forget about Castlevania Symphony of the Night being released and I’m sure there are others I must have forgotten to mention so I apologize.

Parappa the Rapper


Parappa involves into six stages which may sound short but will keep you busy for quite some time. They are fun and great to play through over and over. Even if you don’t like rap you’ll fall in love with this game. The main point of this game is to match the cursor on the top by timing it when it passes through the screen. Make sure you press the right button or you’ll loose your score and become awfully uncool. The game does deliver you difficulty in small dosage as the first level is extremely easy, it’ll become harder and harder as you progress which is very fair and should be implemented in every game. This is what keeps the player coming back for more.

Parappa the Rapper


Once you finish the game though, there are many other things you can do like go for the highest score and reach the cool factor. If you do then you’ll be sent to a different style of gameplay opening the possibilities even further. I won’t spoil it for you though, you just gotta believe!


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