Origin PC announces 24/7 Tech Support & New Laptop Design

Origin PC

Gaming system builder Origin PC announced today that they will be providing 24 hour a day 7 day a week support for all customers. From CES we learned the support staff will be all U.S. based and their lifetime technical support will also include the 24/7 upgrade. I am sure those who might need some help when playing SWTOR at 3am will be extremely pleased.

fractal design

In other Origin PC news Origin PC will also be teaming up with Fractal Design a leading manufacturer of computer cases, power supplies, and cooling products.

“We are very excited to be working with Origin PC, a proven industry leader. Their rigid quality control standards, passion for performance and dedication to customer satisfaction echoes the core tenets of Fractal Design” said Paul Heimbuch, President of Fractal Design North America. “Origin PC truly understands what the enthusiast PC community wants, and is consistently able to deliver that time and again.”

Late Update:

As seen on,, and check out the new design for the Origin PC EON laptops.

Origin EON Notebook

Check out the video!

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