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Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons

Cyvern - The Dragon Weapons - Kaneko - Gameplay Screenshot

This is another in a long line of Japanese shooters that make you want to pull your eyes out at trying to avoid being killed. Cyvern is a little different in that instead of planes, spaceships or robots you take control of three artificially enhanced elemental dragons. After that it is pretty much the same spin, you take on an army all by yourself, good luck.

Cyvern - The Dragon Weapons - Kaneko - Gameplay Screenshot

Cyvern was released in 1998 by Kaneko, which accounts for the higher level of graphics and sound effects in the game. They kept to the traditional overhead shooter roots in that you have your primary weapon and a limited amount of bombs that kill everything in its blast radius, well, except really big enemies and bosses.

Cyvern - The Dragon Weapons - Kaneko - Gameplay Screenshot

Your primary spread weapon has a secondary mode called banish which changes depending on the dragon you choose. You can see your power level in the top right which can be refilled by killing enemies or by grabbing single or multiple power ups that look like bullets. You can also grab additional bombs sometimes and various medals, which are worth points.

Cyvern - The Dragon Weapons - Kaneko - Gameplay Screenshot

The game is hard, particularly the bosses who can shoot so many weapons at you the only way to dodge is to fire your bomb. Beyond that you sometimes just have to take a death. However, skilled players can pick up on the firing patterns and avoid getting hit most of the time.


Overall, a fun game especially M.A.M.E with unlimited coins. There are advanced upgrades to the game including the ability to modify the dragons with special abilities a power gauge for bosses, multiple ending and special “true form” bosses if you have certain items. Check out the video and give the game a try. If you like Japanese overhead shooters you won’t be disappointed with Cyvern.

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