The Obsolete Gamer Show

The Obsolete Gamer Show: Tim Mullen

We sit down for a discussion with neuroscientist, Tim Mullen who will be heading up a fascinating research study that aims to map similarities in brain activity and in creative style between one thousand people in a shared experience.

Using hundreds of wearable brainwave sensors and cloud technology, Tim and his team aim to visualize and explore this phenomenon as an interactive network of brain activity created in real time by participants in Los Angeles and NYC while they watch the sci-fi film MindGamers. The project is part of an event called 1000 Minds Live, a unique cinematic experience that brings together film, science and technology.

In our discussion, we also talk about the real world science behind the scientists working on ways to eventually allow the human mind to connect directly to the outside world and transcend its current limitations and what challenges they face in bringing theory to reality.

You can find out more about this interesting study being conducted on March 28th (and even sign up to participate) at

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