Neo Geo CD

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Neo Geo CD

If you knew anyone with a Neo Geo you most likely hated them because they were either really rich or very spoiled or both. Finding someone with the original Neo Geo was like finding someone with a fully working Optimus Prime transformer in its original die-cast metal with all its parts. We all know owning the system was expensive and because of this many of us did not own one the same happened in Japan which is why in 1994 the Neo Geo CD was released.

Neo Geo CD

Made by SNK the Neo Geo CD was to be the answer to the high cost while still providing the awesome games everyone wanted to play. Priced around $300 it will still a hefty cost at the time, but with games only costing around $50 it was much more in line with other console gaming prices.

The main problem with the Neo Geo CD was by the time it was released everyone was already playing either their Sega or Nintendo. In addition the CD was slow, at 1X the load times for games were painfully long. A bright spot for the NGC was the commercials which Americans did not get to see including this one which featured a couple fighting over who would play the game. Finally when both were able to play the woman “distracts” the man in order to beat him in the game, but honestly would you consider him a loser?

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