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My Comic Book Collection: II


During the 90’s I spent way too much money collecting comic books and though several moves and even a house fire the comic books have survived. I am not a family man so I am not sure what will happen to my comics, but I wanted to share a little bit more from my collection.

Robin #1
Robin - Issue Number 1
Sabretooth #1
Sabretooth - Issue Number 1
Spider-man #365
Spiderman - Issue Number 365
The Maxx #1
The Maxx - Issue Number 1
Savage Dragon #1
The Savage Dragon - Issue Number 1
X-Men #300
X-Men - Issue Number 300

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J.A. Laraque

J.A. Laraque is a freelance writer and novelist. His passion for writing mixed with a comedic style and intelligent commentary has brought him success in his various endeavors. Whatever the subject, J.A. has an opinion on it and will present it in writing with an insight and flair that is both refreshing and informative.

One thought on “My Comic Book Collection: II

  • I love The Maxx. Such a great comic and show.

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