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Limitless Review

Limitless Movie Review by Honorabili

Score: 8 out of 10

First, the trailer:
I’m hesitant to post the trailer because it pretty much ruins the movie. It doesn’t really ruin the movie to the point of giving away the ending BUT it does include scenes showing part of the ending so if you’re like me in the sense that you can usually extrapolate what the whole movie is about, do not watch it. The trailer is the following, if you are still curious about it:

The story consists of a struggling alcoholic science fiction writer that through a coincidental encounter with his ex brother-in-law, which is a drug dealer, he gets access to an experimental drug that lets you unlock one hundred percent the potential your brain has rather than using the measly ten to twenty percent that we all do. Think of it like Flowers For Algernon except that instead of him being literally retarded he is an above average, although unmotivated, individual who is boosted even further.

The director’s style keeps a really good pace as there pretty much is never a dull moment in the movie. Although there are other science fiction movies out right now, like Battle: LA and Sucker Punch, this movie I found to be more exciting than those. The movie feels more like a modern day Twilight Zone episode then let’s say an Outer Limits one.

Limitless movie Bradley Cooper Eddie Morra

There are a few parts that you might think “Oh well if he’s so smart how come he hasn’t thought of this” but the movie covers its bases well as it continues. I get pretty critical of movies where the character has super intelligence yet they haven’t yet done the first thing I thought of with my inferior brain. There are just about two plausible endings for a story like this and the movie does pick one of these rather than leave you confused and questioning what you just saw.

The movie does engage you and does make you think. Would you take a shortcut to become successful? Would you do it even if it endangered your life and maybe the lives of the people around you? Are you smart enough to outsmart entire organizations that have more power than you but might not be as clever? How far are you willing to go for success? How would you feel about yourself if the only way you were really successful was by taking something that turned you into a super genius? Who can you really trust if you have something that will make anybody succeed in life but most others will want to get their hands on, at any cost?

I did like that the movie correlated intelligence and motivation as one of the main factors a person needs to succeed in life as opposed to just coming out with one idea, whoring it out, and being an asshole like many other movies do, like Middle Men or The Social Network, which are both movies I love.

Anyways, before spoil the movie for you, if you have to watch a movie in the movie theatre this weekend, this is the obviously good movie for you to watch, and if you’re reading this in the future, I would say at least rent and view this film. Some of you might even want to add it to your film collection.

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