Jade Empire


Bioware had a lot to live up to after they quit the KOTOR series. They said they were going to make a more original game cause apparently stupid shit like making sure every stupid alien having the right eye color is very important to George Lucas and fanboys. The result was a similar yet different game based on the old days of China.

I say that the move was a good choice, though you kinda do wished they stayed and made another KOTOR game. But the plot choices in the KOTOR games are almost the same as they are in Jade Empire, and the story is enjoyable even though I didn’t like the plot twist near the end.
The combat is much different than KOTOR giving it more an action kind of feel. It’s good, but it had it’s flaws, though if they did make a sequel I think they could of fixed and tweaked all their mistakes. The quest is also quite a bit shorter than the KOTOR games, but nevertheless, this is one of Bioware’s finest games and if you’re a fan you need to play this.

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