Games Coming Out December 2010 For PC

TRON hot girl
TRON hot girl

Games Coming Out December 2010 For PC by Honorabili

I can’t believe December is such a weak month this year but then again not that many studios are going to be suicidal enough to go up against a WoW expansion…

Swords and Soldiers HD, December 1 2010

This game looks like a cute slaughter-fest and it’s available on Steam here. These kind of games remind me of Castlevania mixed with the slaughter of Worms. ^_^

TRON: Evolution, December 7 2010

I hope this game will be as amazing as TRON 2.0 I will surely play it anyways because I’m sort of a fanboy of TRON that being one of the movies I grew up watching almost every month of my childhood. You can view my review of the original TRON here. If you want the new TRON game, you can purchase it here from

World of WarCraft: Cataclysm, December 7 2010

This is a requirement for every fanatical WoWhead. It’s very likely that if you are one, you already ordered it; if not, head over here to get it. Goodbye life!

Bejeweled 3, December 7 2010

I play Bejeweled pretty often. I don’t think I can justify paying $20 for a new version though… If you can, here is the link to the latest incarnation of this addicting puzzle game that’s a perfect time killer!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, December 18 2010

War-huh… what is it good for? VIDEO GAMES apparently! This Deer Hunter expansion to Bad Company 2 should inject some life into that game which is competing with the latest Call of Duty. Ah, when will this Battlefield vs Call of Duty battle ever end? ;-]


Merry freaking holidays kiddos!

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