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Once in a while a game will come along that comes out for all platforms and I am including phones in this that will simply be either a hit or extremely fun or both. Yeah, we all know other games like Angry Birds but there’s ton of other games out there that are fun as well!

Today for Free Stuff we give you Solipskier. The game consists of you guiding a skier, trying to reach certain gates as fast as possible (at the highest speed possible). You can get higher scores by making the skier go airborne while passing the gates.

You can play the game for free at the site I posted or you can also buy the app for your iPhone or Android phone.

This game is brought to you by Mikengreg which filled out a gamer profile here, where Greg Wohlwend from Mikengreg was talking about his favorite game Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire.

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I've been gaming since the introduction of the Commodore 64. After that computer I moved onto Amiga and finally onto PC. As far as consoles go I mainly enjoy the older systems.

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