Final Fantasy Chronicles

Final Fantasy Chronicles - PlayStation 1 - Gameplay screenshot
Squaresoft did a lot of things right but releasing games that have been around for a while was one of their mistakes as well as not polishing them. This is the case with Final Fantasy Chronicles as it finally gave us a cinematic copy of Chrono Trigger with the only con of excruciating load times. Same thing goes for Final Fantasy IV. Lets take a look at both and see how they stack up in the different categories.

Final Fantasy Chronicles - PlayStation 1 - Gameplay screenshot
There is no doubt that Final Fantasy games have some of the most memorable music in video game history but don’t let the sole and only release on Chrono Trigger trick you, their soundtrack is one of the most amazing ones period. There is no doubt that you’ll have these tunes engraved in your brain. As for the sound effects, get ready to enjoy the classical 16-bit era sound effects. They are just as enjoyable as the 8-bit ones.

Final Fantasy Chronicles - PlayStation 1 - Gameplay screenshot

The graphics are 16-bit era memorable. Final Fantasy IV has beautiful dungeons and a world map with towns that are very recognizable. As usual, Final Fantasy IV has some of the towns with their shops and villager’s homes. As for Chrono Trigger, it was and probably still stands as one of the most beautiful games ever created in the SNES era. The game is just so atmospheric that you’ll feel as you are part of the story. Moving from time period to time period really drives you different atmospheres and with the help of the beautiful soundtrack, you’ll know exactly where you are.

Final Fantasy Chronicles - PlayStation 1 - Gameplay screenshot

Gameplay is easy, enjoyable, and fun. These are the main goals of every classic game. Both Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV have their usual enjoyable leveling up system as they learn new spells and skills. Switch characters and then some. There is just so much to do and so many different ways to do it. You’ll definitely get the joy of what a 16-bit era RPG was all about.

Final Fantasy Chronicles - PlayStation 1 - Gameplay screenshot

As with RPGs, it’s only advised that you play them through if you have the time as they are quite long. If you are a machine RPG gamer then you’ll want to beat Chrono Trigger to get all the endings. I heard there are around seven endings to the game. The easiest one being the one where you go to the future and battle Lavos right away. I do not recommend that ending although it’s one way to finish the game.

So that’s it for this week’s game. Aren’t you glad you got a double dose of RPG goodness? Other than the horrible load times, each game is quite enjoyable. You can always go and pick up the NDS re-releases of each. They will cost you quite a bit though….until next week!

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