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Fallen Skies: Grace



This weeks episode is entitled Grace, but this week’s episode of fallen skies was mainly about communication. Last week we learned that the aliens have some kind of connection with the kids they capture and harness. This week began with the medical team trying to communicate with the captured alien to learn more about it.

Meanwhile, Tom is told his mission to save Ben will need to be in steps. Step 1 is to liberate some motorcycles from a store that outlaw turned cook, Pope knows about. Tom does not trust Pope, but they need his directions so he goes along. On their way to the store, they discover some of the aliens sleeping upside down like a bat under a highway underpass. Pope wants to kill the aliens, but Tom discovers there are sleeping mech’s nearby which will awaken and attack so they push on.

Fallen Skies - Episode 4 - Grace

As anyone could guess as soon as Pope is alone he attacks his guard and escapes. Pope does not kill the guard and instead heads back to the sleeping aliens and kills them. This act teaches us something new about the aliens as they send the harnessed children to attack Tom and the resistance does not want to fight back and instead runs away.

Back at home base, Dr. Glass tries to communicate with the alien using pictures hoping to get it to make a sound to indicate its language. Meanwhile, Tom’s youngest son, Matt is scanning radio frequencies to try to listen for signals. After some more forceful integration, we learn that the aliens send out some type of signal that interacts with radio waves. At the same time, we learn that the aliens can talk through the harnessed children, but before we can learn more the child’s father pulls off the harness ending communication.

Fallen Skies - Episode 4 - Grace

I can already see where this storyline will lose viewers week to week. Like the V remake, people want to see more of a progress than what we are seeing. This week the resistance goes after bikes, next week it is drugs to help the injured. The saving Ben storyline will be dragged out and the escaping Pope adds an X-factor to everything.

I personally hate that just as we have a chance to hear what the aliens want it is taken from us which is a cheap story extender used far too often. Unless we see a major storyline advance, I don’t have any hope for this series.

Fallen Skies - Episode 4 - Grace

Episode 3 dropped down 25% in ratings, but is still holding decent numbers for TNT. The loss of viewership was expected, but we will see how this episode did to tell the future for the series.


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