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Empires and Dungeons

Empires and Dungeons
It’s a rare moment when one of the best games ever conceived (rogue actually, read about it here and play it too) sort of evolves into something that’s reminiscent of the best fantasy turn-based strategy game ever sold or pirated(that’s got to be Heroes of Might and Magic 3; see it @ mobygames). Empires and Dungeons attempts to do exactly that.


Empires and Dungeons

Empires and Dungeons is basically a quasi turn-based dungeon hack with a simple, albeit purely turn-based, strategy game bolted on top of it. It plays surprisingly well, for it manages to be as simple and intuitive as Diablo, almost as rightly paced as rogue and as one-more-turn-syndrome evoking as HOMM or even Civ. More than that, the graphics are way better than ascii @s and Xs, and the Deutsch-English language used throughout the game, is not as badly translated as one would expect. The game goes as far as actually featuring something very reminiscent of decent prose.

Empires and Dungeons


Oh, and I’m sure I’ve heard the excellent background music before… But, really, who’s paying attention to such things? This game is a solid time-waster ideal for a) people with lots of time, b) turn-based worshippers, c) wullet bitches, d) artists that don’t need inspiration, e) indy gamers with a retro tendency.

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Konstantinos Dimopoulos

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8 thoughts on “Empires and Dungeons

  • Wow! Elderly you should feel special..? Your probably the first to ever be cosidered a Wullet Bitch!!
    Cool looking game, the map reminds me of an old war game I used to play… lost forever now.
    About how long ago did this come out..?
    Did you know they are remaking Golden Axe for the 360..? I figured you have played the original one? Maybe they will have a unlockable Gnome of sorts..?
    Also the PS3 is coming out with a Lemmings 2 for the ole’ next-gen system… crazy I say, just crazy!

  • No, no… You got it all wrong Deitrix. It’s a Bullet Witch! Oh, and a rogue.

    As for when this game came out, I’m not exacly sure… Sometim in (late) 2006 though should be a good approximation.

    Aha! Golden Axe! Brilliant. Bothe the arcade ans the MegaDrive version, BUT not as good as Amiga Lemmings…

    Oh, crazy! You all ‘re freaking loony. I’m the only sane person in the whole blogosphere. I have to become King or Something…

  • Gnome, are you gonna check out Phantasy Star Universe? I’d probably buy it right now if not for those damned monthly fees…

  • I actually might check it… only if they’ve got a free trial though…

  • ..thank you most esteemed and renowned member of the gnome population… I is chuffed… Amiga lemmings ruled.. at a time when exploding lemmings were state of the art…. is there somewhere humans can nominate you for a gnomehood?

  • Uhm…. where would be a proper place?

  • …..surely gnomehood palace, I would have thought….

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