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Derek Coleman’s quest to save the planet.

“That’s the planet.”

Pro-councillor Temut had killed 43 Klatchans to get to his position, if he really thought about it he would have to agree that he could of only killed 7 or 8 to achieve his aim, but he was nothing if he was not thorough, it had been a long day, the Prime had kicked his arse because of the water shortage on the outer colonies. “FUCKING WATER TEMUT, GET SOME WATER. There is an election this year, I want them outer fuckers drowning by the end of month or you’re my next minister of slow and painful death, is that clear? Now fuck off.”, your number 44 Temut mused.

Back in the meeting room, Temut stabbed the holographic representation of Earth with his finger “That’s the planet we need, at least two thirds water, and only a couple of days away, Admiral Jook, send a fleet to that planet, conquer that planet anyway you feel necessary, and get the water to the Outer Colonies by the end of the month or you’re my new admiral of slow and painful deaths, is that clear?” With this Temut walked out of the meeting room.

“Sir, as you say, sir” Jook said to the shutting door, he hated Temut, to be fair, Jook hated a lot of people but Temut held a special hatred in Jook’s mind that only a 14lb hammer could quash. “The water on that planet will be ours”.

The Jook, his men called him, only out of earshot of course, although he did not mind, nobody would disrespect the conqueror of 17 populated planets, 3 of which were  designated as red planets, planets with technology at least comparable to the Klatch Empire, he had crushed them all, especially the red planets, his officers had boasted that Jook had the blood of billions on his hands, this water planet was populated, but long range scanning had indicated that it was category orange, it had nuclear and biological capability but with limited deployment means,  his Black Fleet could wipe out all life on the planet from the edge of their system with zero risk. Simply star jump, press a button, follow the payload in, compress the package and star jump it back to the Outer Colonies in less than 3 weeks, another estimated 6 billion of the dominant species and countless trillions of secondary life decimated so that some Outer could take a shower. For this he’ll get another medal and a hearty handshake, after 10 years at the top of his promotion tree there was nothing more the council could offer him, women, money, star ships,  he had a planet named after him for Klatch’s sake. He had won. It was time for a new challenge.   

“You know” Jook said to himself, “He said anyway I feel.” He absently glanced at the red light on the ceiling that confirmed that the conversation and subsequent orders from Temut was recorded and legally binding by the Klatch council,  “Maybe I’ll try a different approach.”

Jook, stared at the small blue green globe, He’d give it a week, if his plan did not work he’d go with plan b, no risk.  “Trank, inform the fleet  that we launch in 8 hours, as soon as we have come out of the jump tube establish a FTL tight band connection to the targets largest commercial network.”

 “I am going to buy that planet”

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