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Time Pilot 84

Time Pilot box art
Time Pilot box art

Time Pilot 84

Released in 1984 by Konami, Time Pilot ’84 was the sequel to the 1982 arcade hit Time Pilot. TP84 is an over the top view four-way side scrolling shooter where you pilot your spaceship over many different time periods taking out as many bad guys as possible. Strangely enough unlike the original in TP84 you do not know what time periods you are traveling to. After taking out a certain number of enemies you will face the level boss and once you defeat it you advance to the next level.

Now your ship can only take one hit so dodging is the name of the game. The various enemies come from all sides and you only have two weapons. Your first weapon is a standard blaster that can take out most enemies, but you also have missiles that can destroy the bad guys your normal blaster cannot. While you can fire your missiles blindly if you face an enemy that requires a missile to take out a lock-on targeting window will appear over it allowing you to take it out even if it turns away from you.

This was pretty much one of those games that you either were really good at or it ate all your quarters within five minutes. Though there are a lot of different shapes and colors to the enemies you face they pretty much all do the same thing. Hand eye coordination was the key like with many games of the time if you had it you could rank up a high score like Samanth Johanik who scored an impressive 463,300 points or you could be like me who can’t even get off of the second stage.

If you want to play Time Pilot you can find it on many flash game websites.

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