CES Report 2011: CES 2011 is not ready yet

After a day of taking in the Vegas strip and eating at a pretty awesome place called the Rock Bar it was time to get to the business at hand. I needed to pick up my press badge and check out a booth my friend is working at. It was then I realized that the people at the convention center (and there were a ton) would be working all night to get that place ready.

The convention area is massive; you really need to have comfy shoes or a segway or something because you will be doing a ton of walking. There were a lot of booths and areas that were not yet complete. Tons of boxes and pallets lined the hallways with massive equipment being moved from one place to another. It was like watching a movie set being built because you could see what is going to be an awesome booth being constructed.

Everyone was busy… from the booth builders yelling orders to the guys and girls in suits making sure everything will be done on time. However, some people were already done. Over at the Sony booth they were having a little meet and greet with the press, they had a bar with various drinks and right outside shuttles busing in more employees.

I admit I am glad I am not one of the people having to put together a booth. While some areas were almost done and just needed a bit of polish, other areas had a long way to go. I could bet that many people will be spending a long night getting ready. It was nice to see what will be soon all pretty and clean, all raw and unkempt. Seeing that is one of perks of getting in behind the scenes.

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