CES Report 2011: I go Gaga

Lady Gaga at Polaroid Booth CES 2011
Lady Gaga at Polaroid Booth CES 2011

Normally, I would leave this for a post on another of my blogs but this was such a fun experience I felt I should share it. During my hunt for all things classic at CES 2011 I ran into a couple of friends doing filming and promotion over at Polaroid. The Polaroid booth was all a buzz about their new 3D televisions and various other products, but the name on everyone’s lips was Lady Gaga.

What I was told was that she was going to appear at the Polaroid booth to debut her new line of products from her Haus of Gaga line. Sure, it wasn’t classic gaming, but it was Lady Gaga, so I just wanted to catch a glimpse. However, thanks to my friends is District Creative Studios I was able to get much more.

Before I knew it I was standing on the good side of the velvet rope waiting for Ms. Poker face herself to appear. Now truth be told she ended up being late because she was enjoying some sushi, but since it was sushi I completely understood.

A countdown timer appeared on the big screen just above the stage where she was to appear which kind of made people sad because it would be another 25 minutes before she arrived. People kept asking me if I was part of Lady Gaga’s bodyguard team and I was tempted to tell them yes.

Soon the countdown was over and Lady Gaga came out and I stood right there as she walked right past me. Normally seeing a star or someone famous does nothing for me, but this time I felt something. She walked onto the stage to massive applause and everything around the area came to a stop.

For those that don’t know, Lady Gaga became the creative director for Polaroid and since then has been working on her own line. The line is called Haus of Gaga and we got to see the first line of products unveiled.

The first thing she showed us from what is also called the Polaroid Grey line were some stylish sunglasses. The sunglasses look pretty cool and Gaga herself demonstrated what they do. The Polarez GL20 allows you to take photos anytime you want and you can even display them on the glasses built in OLED screens. It is pretty cool because otherwise they are normal fashion glasses; it is like fashion and spy tech coming together.

The next thing she showed us was the Polaprinter GL10 which is a portable photo printer that is small and light enough to carry anywhere. This mini printer allows pretty much anything with a bluetooth connection to connect and print photos from their devices. So say you take some pictures on your blackberry and want to give someone a real photo copy, all you need to do is connect to the printer via bluetooth and it prints the image using Zink, a zero ink technology. Lady Gaga demoed the device with her own blackberry by taking a picture of the crowd.

The last item she showed us was the new Polaroid camera, the Polaroid GL30 which was the next generation of the classic camera. The camera had a nice mix of retro to modern in the design and it allows you to print out pictures from the camera also using the Zink technology or you can store the digital image to upload or transfer later.

After her presentation she was whisked away but before she passed me I got her to smile for me and got the picture for the main image for this post. A little time later the Polaroid after party began and while I tried to find Gaga again I had no such luck, but all in all it was a great night. It pays to know people.

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