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Bust A Move 2 - Playstation Box

There were a lot of new finds to choose the retro game of the week pick but Bust a Move 2 took the cake this time around. Not only is this game addictive, but it also has a real good soundtrack. The difficulty is there as well as you’ll be failing a lot of times going against the machine before you are successful. Of course, if you are already familiar with these series then you shouldn’t have any problem mastering it quick but do yourself a favor and play the game in expert for a truer experience. The game cover art is just blah, probably Americanized due to the audience and what not, but what does a dude with little toothpicks in his eyes has to do with the game? Not sure, and also what is this about saying “so addictive it should be illegal” That can’t help raise sales you know. What if a parent went ahead and was checking out different titles for their kids and saw the cover and read that? The parent would probably never pick it up unless he/she didn’t give a shit about what the cover says.

Bust A Move 2 - Gameplay Screenshot

Furthermore, the game is just amazing from beginning to end. The player vs player mode also makes things real fun and it’s a great choice for multiplayer gaming sessions. The game tends to get easy to difficult at certain levels. For example, you will have no problem beating levels one and two but once you get to level three, the cunt you go up against with is tough! This little bitch will beat you to the ground if you don’t come up with a strategy. After level three, you’ll have a lot more easier rivals until you finally reach the tougher stages in the game.

So that should be it for this pick, the game is fun and makes you come back for more but it’s not so addictive it should be illegal. Games like these are a little hard to come by so get ready to spend some cash(around 10-20 dollars) but not much to make you go broke.

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