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Beneath the Surface with William Volk

Beneath the Surface with William Volk

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Even if you believe you are just in gaming for the fun, you will come across all types of issues that can seriously affect the gaming industry in one way or another. Often we are too busy fighting against one another to really have a discussion about them, but as gamers get older their concerns grow as does their willingness to talk about them.

A few years ago I started an editorial series where I asked people in the gaming industry a question, some were more general like, What Game would you Teach your Child and some more topical based on current topics of note such as, Should the Government take steps to keep violent video games out of the hands of Children.

The responses and feedback from the gaming community was great and we found ourselves asking similar questions during our podcasts. With the launch of our different shows we wanted one where we could talk about important topics and not just skim along the top, but go beneath the surface to understand why this is happening, the effect of it and what, if anything, could we do about it. We wanted to cover current issues such as Downloadable Content and Free 2 Play games and current headlines such as the news about Warner Bros and  Arkham Origins.

Today we are proud to feature the first episode of Beneath the Surface where we talk one on one with professionals within the gaming and computer industry. For our first episode we sat down with the brilliant and talented William Volk, COO of PlayScreen.

We began with Free 2 Play games and the effect it has had and will have on the gaming industry. His vast knowledge of the mobile gaming market was fascinating and learning about the different markets across the world and how gambling with real money is legal and booming in the U.K. was intriguing.

We also had fun talking about current games and topics that have been in the news such as the Flappy Bird rollout, disappearance and rise of clones and of course the Candy Crush Sage and the counterattack by indie developers. Of course we talked about PlayScreen and all the games they offer on the mobile platform and we discovered his love of the game, The Last of Us and one of the bestselling mobile games, Puzzle & Dragons.

Overall it was a fun, interesting and informative discussion. I hope you will check it out and let you know what you think. Thanks to Mr. Volk for another great discussion. Stay tuned for the next episode and if you have any idea for topic or guests or would like to be a guest yourself, feel free to contact us.

You can view the show on the official show page.

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