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Anthony Castoro & Tim Schubert: Heatwave Interactive

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Name: Anthony Castoro

Company: Heatwave Interactive

Profession: I make games.

Favorite Classic Game: Wing Commander 2 (with Voice Pack)

Quote: So cinematic, great graphics, great combat!  Space Lions (Kilrathi)! What else could you want?


Name: Tim Schubert

Company: Heatwave Interactive, Inc.

Profession: MMO Development Zealot

Favorite Classic Game: StarFlight

Quote: “I love games that have a lot of replay value and reward you for exploring.  Starflight was all about both.”

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One thought on “Anthony Castoro & Tim Schubert: Heatwave Interactive

  • Starflight looks like a game I would have played for years. The copy protection reminds me of the wheel from Bard’s Tale 3.

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