Akkanvader - Taito - 1985 - Space Invader Clone

Akkanvader is a Space Invaders clone made by Taito and released in 1995. It is kind of the Japanese lollypop version of the game being all colorful, cute and all, but it is also fun. So you can select from a wide range of characters and each has a different style and ship that you used in the game. However, it doesn’t matter story wise which you select as they all act the same way.

You have five main worlds as well as sub-stages, all very animated with tons of colors of the enemies and the background. A result of this is the game becomes more difficult because you end up having trouble figuring what’s going on.

The game starts out retro style with little colors and looks a lot like the original invaders, but from there more color comes into play and soon you are fighting all types of strange characters never seen in the original game.

Now some other changes with this game is the ability to charge your laser king of like you would in R-type or Megaman. This really is only useful for bosses which is something else that Akkanvader brings to the table.


Expect to see all kinds of weird enemies and even weirder boss as seen in our screenshot gallery below. I guess this is just to make sure you remember it’s a Japanese game.

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2 thoughts on “Akkanvader

  • Clone? No my friend. Akkanvander is the Japanese name of Space Invaders 95, and Space Invaders was owned by Taito so it cannot be a clone.

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