1 Quarter Run: WWF Wrestlefest


WWF Wrestlefest

Welcome to 1 QUARTER RUN, where I try to get as far as I can with ONLY 1 quarter!  No continues, replays or savestates!


Why do this?  I’ve been a gamer for a VERY long time.  That being said, I’m constantly trying to improve myself.  These “let’s plays” are my attempts to improve myself and talk about the game and its surrounding context at the same time.


My first entry is WWF Wrestlefest.  I had done a text review of its predecessor, WWF Superstars, some years back. However, it was THIS game that TRULY set the standard for great wrestling games during an era when wrestling games had a hard enough time being “good.”


So come and join Prixel Derp’s Chris “Sledge” Douglas as I take on WWF Wrestlefest’s Saturday Night’s Main Event mode, and see how well I can do on this notorious quarter muncher!

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Chris Douglas

Chris "Sledge" Douglas here, and I write for Prixel Derp, my blog about all things retro gaming and computing related. I'm a lifelong gamer who grew up in the Atari 2600 / Intellivision days, matured through the NES / SNES era, and am still going today! In my videos and articles, I try to talk about the stuff that has seemed to go by the wayside. And unlike "caustic critics" I like to at least try to get some enjoyment from what I play.

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