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WoWP Chill sunday night game in the P-43 Lancer

WoWP Chill sunday night game in the P-43 Lancer

World of Warplanes:
This is a typical, chill victory over a late sunday night (it was around 2 AM). The P-43 Lancer is sort of like a mix between an interceptor and a heavy fighter. It has a very good amount of 12.7 caliber machineguns which are decent in dogfights because you can basically almost hold down the trigger since they cool fast. The design is not perfect though as they are mounted mainly in the wings which kills your handling and I’ve found it also affects accuracy.

If you notice in some parts in the beginning there was some lag which is an issue 1.9.2 (even 1.9.0 had it) has. This is a server issue that hopefully will get fixed. I mainly see it more in lower tiers where population is higher.

song: cloud.mod
title: Cloud Traveller
author: Supernao
from: Ripped by Chaos from R.A.W. #7 from The Spaceballs

If you want to play World of Warplanes you can download it and play it for free at their homepage http://worldofwarplanes.com/

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