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Will Brierly: Soda Drinker Pro


Name: Will Brierly

Company: Soda Drinker Pro

Profession: Game Developer

Favorite Classic Game: Burgertime or Loom

Quote:  I love both of these games for different reasons.  Burgertime because I love the gameplay, and it’s a game that I’ve consistently come back to since a little kid, I still can’t get very far in it but i don’t mind.  I just love that game.  I also love Loom for the story and the beautiful artwork.  I loved how you had to use the spell book that came with it too to cast spells.  A truly creative game that I’ll never forget.

Bio: I live in Cambridge MA with my fiancee Ali & two cats Decaf & Polly.  I wrote Soda Drinker Pro, Get Outta My Face(Arcade), Living 2 Die Vs. Dying 2 Live, Vivian Clark, My Girl the Video Game, and a few other games!

Project: Soda Drinker Pro

Project Info: Soda Drinker Pro is the most advanced FPS(First Person Soda) drinking simulation in the world.  It has been featured at Pax 2013, Kotaku, Mashable, Giant Bomb, Game Informer and many other national outlets.

Visits: 305

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