Weird games: Cubivore

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I think a game where you tear the limbs of enemies and eat them, have an ability called “Tale a Doo” and can mate with multiple females by going to the “Love Tunnel” constitutes a weird game. Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest is an action adventure game created by Saru Brunei and released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002.

Cubivore - gameplay screenshot

In Cubivore your goal is to become strong enough to kill the top Cubivore known as the Killer Cubivore who is slowly killing nature due to gorging on the land. The only way to become strong enough to take on the Killer Cubivore and his cronies is to mutation and create offspring that will be able to defeat him.

Cubivore - gameplay screenshot

Most of the gameplay revolves around traveling the world fighting other Cubivore’s and ripping off their libs. You also collect hearts throughout the game that will allow the female Cubivore’s you mate with to have children. The process of mutation and creating offspring actually has a strategy to it even if the combat itself is simple.

Cubivore - gameplay screenshot

The game is definitely weird, but it is unique in its gameplay design. The graphics are extremely outdated and the music, while not bad can get old real fast. That really was the problem with the game overall, it became way to repetitive.

Long before Spore Cubivore introduced us to a weird new world of evolution and survival of the fittest.

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