Video Game Trading Cards Featured on Non-Sport Update Price Guide

Video Game Trading Cards

There is already a video game hall of fame so why not video game trading cards? Well, we have those two and soon they will be featured in the Non-Sport Update Price guide. Here is the official press release.

Non-Sport Update Price Guide cover

Twin Galaxies recently launched Video Game Trading Cards featured on the take-along Non-Sports Update Price Guide and announces Twin Galaxies presence at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show.

Launched in the second half of 2011, the Twin Galaxies Video Game Trading Cards are gaining popularity amongst gamers and trading card collectors as more sets are scheduled to be added to the unique collection of video game trading cards which focus on the gamers, developers, games and history of the global gaming community.

The April/May issue of Non-Sport Update features The Big Bang Theory on the cover and includes three exclusive promotional trading cards: The Big Bang Theory Seasons 1 & 2, Tarzan 100th Anniversary, and Marvel: Greatest Heroes.

The April/May edition of the Non-Sport Update Price Guide features the Twin Galaxies Video Game Trading Cards on the cover and announces that Twin Galaxies International will be on hand at the  56th Annual Philly Non-Sports Card Show April 21-22 in Allentown, Penn.

Non-Sport Update Price Guide inside

This edition ships to stores March 9 and will be available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and local comic and card shops across the U.S. at the end of March.  Individual copies can be ordered directly through the publisher.

Anyone interested in ordering a copy can either check their local newsstand or hobby shop towards the end of March or they can order through Non-Sport Update after March 9.

Single issue and subscriptions can be ordered direct from Non-Sport Update via their online store:

To learn more about the trading cards or to place an order, please visit:

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