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Primal Rage 2

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Primal Rage 2

The original Primal Rage was an arcade hit that pits prehistoric animals (mostly dinosaurs) against one another. The gameplay was fun and it had that Claymation type animation that was new and unique at the time, plus you could sometimes throw and eat the humans that hung around the battle field, how cool was that?

Primal Rage 2 Title Screen

Primal Rage 2 was to be released primarily based on the success from the first game and Atari was ready to capitalize. In PR2, you discover that the meteor the crashed on plant Urth was really an egg that held a monster that would become known as Necrosan. Necrosan was a living dragon skeleton that was originally planned to be the boss monster in the original Primal Rage. However, they decided to use him in the sequel as the end game boss.

The story goes that Necrosan traps the gods who were warring for land on Urth and decided to take over himself. Unable to escape the gods selected human Avatars to fight for them. All the original characters are there including, Xiao Ming, avatar of Slashfang, Malyssa, avatar of Vertigo, Arik, avatar of Sauron, Keena, avatar of Talon, Shank, avatar of Chaos, Sinjin, avatar of Diablo, Kaze, avatar of Blizzard, and Tor, avatar. Your goal was to fight Necrosan’s minions and each other until the final showdown with the big boss himself.


There was a lot of hype over the game. Unfortunately, the game did not get very far in terms of production. In the end, the popularity for Primal Rage meant it just was not worth it to continue and the game became one of the many unreleased games.

There was word that a finished arcade cabinet was shown off at a trade show and you can find some early builds on the game for emulators. Finally, there was a book written about the world of Primal Rage called Primal Rage: The Avatars, written by John Vornholt and was published by Boulevard Books in 1997.

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