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Torchwood: Escape To LA

Torchwood - Escape to LA

We open with Esther going to the boarded up home of her sister, Sarah who has become paranoid over the events of Miracle Day. Sarah has locked herself in not even allowing her two children to go outside. Esther begs Sarah to let her see the children, but Sarah refuses. As Esther leaves, she reluctantly calls child protective services on her sister. Just as Esther pulls away a man who works for the mysterious triangle group calls in that he will track her back to Torchwood.

More news is given on the aftermath of Miracle Day as we learn the pharmaceutical companies are making record profits. At the same time, we see more fallout as a man talks about being laid off after having a heart attack.

Team Torchwood arrives in Venice Beach and setups shop in a small apartment as they plan their assault on the Phicorp Los Angeles headquarters.  Rex contacts Dr. Vera asking about medication during a tour she is on inside a once abandoned hospital. A new plan has been struck to send the ICU and critical care patients to that location from all the other hospitals around the area.

Back at the apartment, Gwen contacts her husband to check in on her child and father. The man who tracked Esther takes pictures from a distance. The team discusses Oswald Danes. Jack believes he is an important player and should be tracked while Jily was just in the right place at the right time.

Torchwood - Escape to LA

Danes finds himself being upstaged by small town mayor and Tea Party member, Ellis Hartley Monroe. Ellis started a campaign called “Dead is Dead” the idea is the dead should be treated as such and segregated from everyone else. This played into last week’s episode that showed some peoples fear and hatred of those who should have died. Jily lets Oswald know some of his appearances have been cancelled and Danes will have to do something to get his mojo back.

After Esther asks Rex if he has family in LA and him denying it, he goes to the run down home of his father who has a large supply of Phicorp medications in his bathroom. Rex and his father have an estranged relationship most noted when Rex tells his father that he was injured and shows his wound to which his father says that he has been dying for 15 years and Rex never cared. In the end, Rex leaves having taken some pills from his father.

Team Torchwood finalizes their plan to replace a server within Phicorp that has information they need and the group obtains the means to get past security.

Meanwhile the once abandoned hospital is now overflowing with unwanted patients. Dr. Vera is overwhelmed trying to gain control and take care of everyone. Outside Ellis talks to the media, telling them the hospital is a good place for the people and that they are away from everyone else. Oswald arrives and goes into the hospital giving a speech to the patients saying he is just like them appealing to their feeling of abandonment and that he will fight for them and their rights. The press eats this up much to Jily’s delight. When Ellis returns to her limo, she is drugged and we see it is the triangle group who is behind it.

Torchwood - Escape to LA

Later that night the man who was tracking Team Torchwood tracks down and kills the man who has access to Phicorp’s servers allowing him to follow the group inside. Gwen and Jack make their way to the server room, but as they finish and Jack leaves, the man knocks Gwen unconscious. Jack, makes his way back to her, but is caught off guard and captured. Rex scolds Esther for allowing this to happen and makes his way to them. The man wants to know what made Jack immortal and now mortal, but Jack does not know. Gwen tries to find out whom the man is working for and just as it seems as if he is going to tell, Rex arrives and shoots him several times including once in the throat.

Ellis awakens in a junkyard to a voice coming from the dashboard of the car. The triangle group tells her that her message interferes with their plans and that the families will eliminate anyone who poses a threat to them, Ellis and the car are then crushed by a trash compactor.

Back at the apartment, Esther apologizes for the mistake. Rex tells her it is her final warning. The data from the servers show that Phicorp has been buying up property to create “Overflow Camps” where unwanted patients from around the world would be sent. When Gwen contacts her husband she finds out her father was just sent to one of those camps.

Torchwood - Escape to LA

Again, a very solid episode locking in that Phicorp knew about Miracle Day and most likely is behind it. I wonder if Esther making so many mistakes or her sister being sent to a mental hospital and the kids to foster care will be meaningful to the story or just a reason to feel sorry for her. With Danes, I am still not sold on how important he is even through people follow his word. I hope he becomes more than just a spokesperson for Phicorp because I would like to see Jily have a real purpose than just PR. I like the theme of people being afraid of those who were to die and I feel the overflow camps must have an important purpose, but I guess we will have to just wait to find out.

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