Today in Video Game History – June 9th

Activision logo black and white
Activision logo black and white

The company that has brought us Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and tons more went public on June 9th 1983.

Here are some key dates for the company thanks to

1979: Activision is founded.
1980: Designs and sells its first Atari 2600 game series, Pitfall!
1983: Company goes public.
1988: Activision becomes Mediagenic.
1991: Robert Kotick and Brian Kelly acquire Mediagenic.
1992: Company is restructured, reincorporated, and again named Activision.
1997: Revenues hit $189.2 million, 119 percent over previous year’s $86.6 million.
1998: Revenues snowball to $312.1 million.
1999: Revenues top $436.5 million; income increases by 193 percent to $15.3 million.

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