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Three Geek Related Shows on the bubble



For those of us out there who are fans of comic book or sci-fi related television this last past year has not been so great for some of us. While it is true that geeks are much more likely to dump a bad show quicker than anyone else we all still hope to find television programs that are a little bit different than the cop show, lawyer show, sitcom and reality show. Unfortunately, it looks as if low ratings may cause at least three shows to disappear from our line-up.

The Event

The Event Poster

I knew when the show said it was like Lost and 24 all in one it was doomed to fail, that is like saying your girlfriend looks like Rihanna and Halle Berry mixed together, you’re bound to be disappointed. Personally, I only liked the show enough to see what happened next and that was about it. As for the rest of you, only 5.2 million people watched the last episode, which for network television is horrible. Worst yet, the coveted 18-49 age bracket continues to fall meaning that The Event is likely to become The Canceled.

Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe - SGU Poster

I like this show and though in the past I hated the “We must make it home” format for shows I felt SGU did it well. Unfortunately, the show was almost canceled last season due to low ratings and the last episode only brought in 1 million viewers. What this means is the show may not make a return and the rumored movie talk looks to remain just that.


V - Anne Wallpaper

My relationship with this show has been weird. I remember and watched the original mini-series and tv series and even owned the DVD’s and I really wanted this show to happen. When the show first aired, I enjoyed it even though it was different from what I expected. I hated what ABC did by premiering the show and then having it go on a long hiatus and I thought the pacing was a bit slow, but I had hope. I also like Jace Hall, one of the executive producers so when I heard the show might be cancelled I was saddened.

When season two started I was happy to see it back and in my opinion, I thought the show was much better. However, the second season finale just aired and though there were things I liked and did not like I was looking forward to season 3. Word is that the ratings for the final episode and the season were still not great which means V’s season finale may become a series finale. I hope the show is not cancelled and believe it is worth saving, but we will see.

If these three shows go down I will consider it a loss for tv geekdom. Even if you are not a fan of any of these shows they still offer something a bit different and if they continue to fall, the thought won’t be to improve on these types of shows, but stop creating them outright.


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