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The Obsolete Gamer Show S99E6: James D’Amato

We talk with, James D’Amato author of the book, The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide which is set to be released on Oct 2nd. James lives in Chicago the hometown of host, J.A. Laraque and studied improv at the famed, Second City. A lover of table top games, he took his love of gaming and skills acquired to create a fun and informative book to help out novices and pro’s alike in creating a backstory for their character with tips and exercises to give you more enjoyable and immersive experience.

We also talked about his podcast, The One Shot podcast. One Shot is a weekly actual play podcast that explores different role playing systems with self-contained One Shot stories. A rotating cast of improvisers, game designers, and other notable nerds show off the variety and diversity in RPGs bring you a new game every month.

You can find out more about, The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide here –

You can find out more about the One Shot Podcast network here –

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J.A. Laraque

J.A. Laraque is a freelance writer and novelist. His passion for writing mixed with a comedic style and intelligent commentary has brought him success in his various endeavors. Whatever the subject, J.A. has an opinion on it and will present it in writing with an insight and flair that is both refreshing and informative.

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