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The Obsolete Gamer Show: Jordan Weisman, Regina Carpinelli

This week we have two great Kickstarter’s so get your wallets ready.

First up we talked with Jordan Weisman creator of BattleTech, MechWarrior, Shadowrun and Crimson Skies just to name a few on the BattleTech Kickstarter by Harebrained Schemes. Mr. Weisman was kind enough to give us an extended interview as J.A. played the role of the newbie to the BattleTech universe while Ignacio was the awestruck fan.

battletech kickstarter

Check out the Kickstarter here.

Next up was our conversation with Regina Carpinelli, CEO of Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo which is having their three day even Oct 30 thru Nov 1. We talked about the beginnings of the comic book convention and what it takes to run one including some funny behind the scenes stories.


Check out information on the expo here.

Now they say you shouldn’t have the same act twice but as a lover of FPS games we personally thought a game set in the civil war would be pretty awesome and that is exactly what War of Rights brings to the table. This title plans to bring the gameplay and authenticity that not only gamers would expect but Civil War reenactors as well. We talked to the team behind War of Rights about what player can expect from the game.

war of rights

Check out their Kickstarter here.

We recently suffered a catastrophic event that caused us to recreate our page. Unfortunately, there was no way around it. We are in the process of restoring all our videos and they will all be restored soon.

We want thank everyone that has supported and subscribed to us in the past and we ask that you consider re-subscribing to us again and spreading the word about us as we will continue to add more content to our website and channel and appreciate your continued support.

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