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The Music of Heroes of Might And Magic 2

The Music of Heroes of Might And Magic 2

My friends and I played the living hell out of this game and the music never got boring.

This great soundtrack was written by Paul Anthony Romero, Steve Baca and Rob King.

Here for your listening enjoyment is the music of this classic turn-based wargame!

The Sorceress Castle, probably my favorite song:

Warlock Castle, this one reminds me a lot of Castlevania:

Necromancer Castle, even more music that reminds me of Castlevania Symphony of the Night:

Knight Castle theme, probably the nicest tune in the soundtrack:

Barbarian Castle version 1, sounds very operic but also parts remind me of jazz:

Barbarian Castle theme version 2; very deep sounding:

Wizard Castle, this one is very different depending on which version of the game you own:

Well there are the main themes…

The songs you’ll hear the most are the combat songs.

The first one kind of reminds me of the music from Mechwarrior 2:

The second one is pretty tribal:

And this one is even more so!

There’s mini tunes for every kind of terrain and season but they’re mainly short songs that loop.

The one you’d hear the most is usually “grasslands theme”

Well if you never played Heroes of Might and Magic 2 I would say check it out although it has a ton of sequels now and it’s based originally on the game King’s Bounty which I first played on Sega Genesis!

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  • I might also post the music through our built in music player for this as well.

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