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The most WTF videos in Electronic music history, volume 1

Electronic music

I have decided out of sheer boredom, and in honor of my beloved electronica, to post the most insane, un-nerving, wtf music videos in our hallowed musical genre. Most of these videos aren’t safe for work, or viewing, or life.

If you want, you can play a fun game where you guess what drugs the video producers were on when they thought of these. Yes.

I’ll be posting these in installments as I am a pious man and don’t want your lovely browsers toppling around you.

Team America, eat your heart out.

It’s like the peyote scene in Natural Born Killers, without the killing.


+10 for the “Your son is dead” banana sticker.

I have a metric fuckton more, so stay tuned. Comment with ideas that you would like to see featured here on obscure internet!

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