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The Hubris – Upcoming Gigs and EP

The HubrisWell, we really have been as busy as the proverbial woodchucks in the mixedly metaphorical wood pile over the last few months. We have spat and sworn at people all over Northern Ireland, from providing backing music to teenage lovefests in Warrenpoint, to saving the world as we know it at a fundraiser in Ballymena, to coming third in a BOTB heat at The Empire which is so god damn mediocre I fell asleep about three times whilst typing it. Ho hum.

Most importantly, we have been spending our hard earned credit card balances at a – recording a 6 track EP which we have decided to call “Attitude”. The EP is available electronically from Bandcamp, you can hear each track streaming in full, or purchase each track, or the whole EP, for a miniscule amount of money. Please give it a listen if you are currently enjoying a surfeit of both time and inclination.

Thanks to Frankie for doing a great job. You the man, man!

OK, gigs. Upcoming gigs. We have some, but not as many as usual as we have been focussed on this recording. However, read on…

Wednesday 19th May – Ma Nelsons, Lisburn Road, Belfast (used to be Hunter’s, or something) – supported by Red Returned and Are We Supposed To Look This Good? This is FREE ENTRY and there are loads of offers on drinks. I know it’s a school night, but it’s not going to cost you much to get out and have fun, so come and have a go. Imagine the one thing I could say that would convince you to come to the show. You got that in your head? Now, imagine I just said it. How about that, eh? Magic. This is one of the Afrofury Secret Gigs, thanks Scott.

Friday 4th June – Shadow Rooms, Carrickfergus – with Ruby’s Masquerade and the acclaimed Axis Of. Thanks to Mark for asking us back for the 3rd time! We must not be too shitty after all! This is an utterly fabulous venue, if you’ve not been along yet then shame on you!

Saturday 19th June – Lavery’s Bunker, Belfast – again with Ruby’s Masquerade, but also appearing are Spine and The Couth. This will be an early one, as the nightclub starts at 10pm. That’s a Cryptic Promotions gig, so thanks to Chris Vito for this one.

Friday 20th August – The Rosetta Bar, Belfast – This is a good long way off. Perfect chance for those of you in England who haven’t seen us yet to book your flights over. Not sure who we’re playing with yet, but it’s gonna be H.A.F.

OK, so. Only 4 on the agenda at the moment but we’re back on full lookout, any of you promoters on this list fancy some melodic punk perfection? Well, sorry, you’ll just have to settle for us.

Hopefully we’ll see you at a gig in Belfast, or beyond, very soon.

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